The American Bladesmith Society is proud to be a partner in offering approved bladesmithing classes at The Forge at Ostiches, Belgium. The first class “Introduction to Bladesmithing” was offered in October 2013.  ABS Master Smith Jean-Paul Thevenot of Dijon, France, is the primary instructor, assisted by Dirk Bourguignon and Frederic Taquet of Belgium.

A Bladesmithing class is offered every Wednesday and Damascus is offered every Saturday morning. A Hamamer-In is held in May with knifemakers attending from all over Europe and the US.  An Introduction class will be held for 2 weeks in October. Exact dates and times have not yet been decided.

For more information visit La Forge d’Ostiches website

For Information on dates, tuition, and accommodations please contact:
Dirk Bourguignon