I hope everyone is doing well!

Just an update on Journeyman and Master testing. Last week I asked Don McIntosh, BR Hughes, and Mike Williams to be on a committee to find out details for a meeting and testing at Texarkana College, Spring Hammer-in, dates of April 10th 11th. Their findings and suggestions are as follows and approved:

Saturday the 10th of April at 7AM JS testing will begin, Mike Williams, head judge.

Sunday morning April 11th at 7:00am, Greg Neely will head up the MS testing.

I understand we will have a large room to do the testing in, so social distancing will not be a problem. I leave it up to Greg and Mike ashow they want to handle it, as far as how many testers come in at a time, 3-5etc. We can have our awards ceremony at noon on Sunday. Keep in mind that this is all going to happen around a hammer in and things may have to change a little, but dates are firm. Should the hammer-in be cancelled due to health safety, but the judging can still safely take place, we will still do the judging that weekend, times may be changed, but if it is safe, we will still do the judging for JS and MS.

This is not in place of judging at the Blade Show in Atlanta, but in addition to. Anyone wishing to present their knives for judging in Texarkana April 10 and 11 MUST confirm that with Cindy. If you are on the list of intent to go to Atlanta, but intend to go to Texarkana, YOU MUST confirm you will be going to Texarkana. Email cindy@americanbladesmith.com

Testers, I know dates are always a problem. Remembering when we had our show in Reno, Kansas City, the ICCE show in Kansas City, and the ICCE show in Fort Worth, it’s good for some but not all. Picking dates is not fun, but I think we need to do this for our membership.

Keep in mind that we have no crystal ball, if circumstances dictate that this is not safe for everyone’s health, it might change, it might be canceled, we are doing the best we can. It may be canceled by the college, it may be canceled by the ABS, but we are doing our best to make judging happen.

I look forward to seeing everyone there.