ABS Approved 2021 Classes

Folding Knife – April 19-23, 2021 – $900
Instructor: James Rodebaugh, MasterSmith

Forged-to-Finish Elemental Chopper – June 14-17, 2021 – $1,790
Instructor: Jason Knight, ABS Master Smith

Quillion Dagger – October 4-8, 2021 – $900
Instructor: Kevin Cashen, ABS Master Smith

Heat Treat Intensive – October 9, 2021 – $600
Instructor: Kevin Cashen, Master Smith

Powder Mosaic Damascus – July 19-21, 2021 – $790
Instructor: J.W. Randall, ABS Master Smith

Throat & Tip Sheath for Bowie or Dagger – July 22-24, 2021 – $790
Instructor: J. W. Randall, ABS Master Smith

Introduction to Bladesmithing – August 16-27, 2021 – $1,600
Instructor Shayne Carter, ABS Master Smith

Handles & Guards – September 13-17, 2021 – $900
Instructor: James Rodebaugh, ABS Master Smith

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Join us in scenic Colorado Springs to study bladesmithing at our new state-of-the-art 5,000 sq foot smithy! Highlights of our school include more than 12 anvils, power hammer, press, surface grinders, mills, heat treat ovens, welding stations, plasma cutters, oxy-acetylene torches, tons of woodworking tools, and some of the nation’s best instructors. For lunches and downtime, we have an air conditioned lobby with refrigerator, microwave, and an never-ending supply of coffee. Free high speed internet is also available. Hotels, campgrounds, and lots of restaurants are nearby for those visiting from outside the area.

Kilroy’s Workshop offers classes and a makerspace for creators who love to build cool stuff out of metal! We have tons of blacksmithing, bladesmithing, and welding courses available for students ages 9 through adult!  Located at 7358 Cole View, Colorado Springs, CO 80915 – 719.257.3012 

For More information visit Kilroy’s Workshop Website