James Rodebaugh earned his ABS Master Smith title in 2004 and is one of the most respected master bladesmiths in the country. A former U.S. Marine and Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Rodebaugh became a full-time bladesmith in 1999, and has crafted quality blades at J.L. Rodebaugh Blade Studios in Carpenter, Wyoming, ever since. His passion for working with his hands and crafting wonderful things is constantly reflected in his blades, and he is dedicated to helping others harness that same passion. When he is not bladesmithing or hunting, Rodebaugh travels the country as a teacher with the American Bladesmith Society and frequently speaks on knifemaking. James is also a member of the ABS Board.

Shayne Carter In addition to being a Master Bladesmith, Shayne was the first American to win the title of World Champion Blacksmith and is still the youngest participant to win at age 23. He is a 2003 International Horseshoers Hall of Fame Inductee and Forged In Fire Champion.

Kevin Cashen Has been a Master Smith for over 25 years and is the current Vice Chairman of the ABS.  Kevin been making knives for over 40 years and is the recipient of countless awards, including the W.W. Scagel Award, for outstanding contributions to bladesmithing education, and the Don Hastings Award, the Highest honor the ABS can give. Kevin is well-known for his knowledge of blade metallurgy and almost every bladesmith practicing today has been influenced by his research.

J.W. Randall is a Forged In Fire champion (season 4 episode 19). He builds bowies, folders, hunters and swords. His specialties include mosaic Damascus – both patterned and powder, and intricate inlays in pearl and ivory.

Jason Knight has more than 30,000 hours of experience in bladesmithing spanning 20 years. Considered by his peers as one of the most accomplished knife makers in the country, he has amassed numerous awards for his work, including the coveted B.R. Hughes Award for Best Blade by a Mastersmith candidate. Jason’s signature knives are highly sought after by hunters, collectors and soldiers around the world.

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