If you are a Master Bladesmith administering an ABS performance test, for Journeyman or Master Bladesmith, don’t forget that it is your responsibility to notify the ABS home office of the success or failure of the test.  Successful tests must be recorded with the passing certificate for the applicant to be able to move on to have their worked judged.  Applicants who fail their performance test must wait six months before testing again. The only way for us to enforce this requirement is if you, the Mastersmith administering the test, do your part in keeping our standards the highest in bladesmithing.

You will find an online form, Performance Test Notification Form in the links below this news feed. You should fill this form out as well as the applicants paperwork to insure the office receives notice.  Or you may take a photo, or copy, of the applicants paperwork and attach it to a message to:

ABS Home Office

American Bladesmith Society, Inc
P.O. Box 160
Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522
Telephone: 419-832-0400, EDT
Email cindy@americanbladesmith.com