The American Bladesmith Society would like to recognize, and congratulate all of our new rated bladesmith who achieved their stamps at last weekends judging.

Congratulations to our new Journeyman Bladesmiths- Ronald Cranker II, Paul Distefano, Mark Fleming, James Randy Hicks, Bradley Jansen, Mak Kelsay, Chad Kennedy, Brett Noake, Ethan Perry, Jack H Rellstab, Jay Replogle, Lyle Schow, Thaddeus Stager, Joshua States, John Summerhill, John Schultz

And congratulations to our new Master Bladesmith- Jordan LaMothe

Special congratulations go out to the winner of the Joe Keeslar award for the best Journeyman knife to be judged- Thaddeus Stager, and Jordan LaMothe for winning the BR Hughes award for the best Master Smith knife to be judged.