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This blade is the world renowned Falcata, it has a skeleton pommel, making it truly unique from all the other blades in this class. Falcatas traditionally had no pommel. The pommel balances this blade perfectly for cutting, slashing and thrusts. The thin handle construction makes it a pleasure to hold and wield. For the larger handed person, a leather wrap can easily be wrapped around the custom copper handle to make it thicker. This blade was hand forged and hand hammered from 5160 steel and only pure copper from Hungary (half my family is from Pázmánd ) that was used for the handle. This blade was built with everlasting existence in mind. There is simply no part of this blade that is made of wood or leather that over time would fail. It is all steel and copper. It’s simply forever. Some of the hand hammer marks and polishing marks were intentionally left in to add to the authenticity of the piece. It has been polished to a mirror finish. The entire sword is roughly 26.5”.
Knife Listing Details
Blade Steel: 5160
Blade Length: 18”
Overall Length: 26.5”
Handle Material: Copper
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