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Looking to meet a mastersmith for JS performance test. Binghamton, NY

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When I first joined the ABS, it sorted all members by location and had a very convenient map. 

I assume we don't have that map anymore for privacy reason, but it's making it much more difficult to find a local resource.

Would someone please connect me with some of the MS near Binghamton, NY (or list me a few of the closest). It would be much appreciated.

Maybe in the membership listing, could we tag them with what state they're in if that's not interfering with any privacy concerns/rules? That would be very helpful.

I need to work with someone to administer my JS performance test.

Thank you,


Posted : 09/06/2022 2:58 pm
Kevin R. Cashen
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Hello Nick, 

You are correct, we live in different times and we have had enough feedback from members not wishing to share their physical address, that we are still looking for a way to provide that information that will accommodate all concerned.  I personally do not understand how one wishes to sell blades but doesn't want people to be able to find them, but we must respect peoples privacy concerns. 

Here is a list of current ABS Master Bladesmiths in NY and the surrounding areas:

Raymond L Smith NY
Joseph Szilaski NY
Jordan Lamothe NY
Gary D Anderson PA
Greg Gottschalk PA
J Neilson PA
E Jay Hendrickson PA
James Saviano MA
J D Smith MA

Posted : 09/06/2022 3:55 pm
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Awesome, thank you.


It looks like I'll be meeting with Ray Smith in July.

Posted : 09/06/2022 10:53 pm