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Ohio hammer in

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Hello, fairly new to this site and as a member. Sorry if I have missed this information somewhere else? I am attending the hammer in this month, August 2022, in Ohio. I have never attended one before and was wondering what I need to bring with me to the event? Any info would be great or guidance in the right direction for information.




Posted : 03/08/2022 3:31 pm
Karl B Andersen
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If you look at the schedule you'll see that it is mostly instructional demonstrations. With that in mind it may help to bring a notepad and a few pens!!

Sometimes there are materials for sale - so bring some cash.

And on Saturday after lunch there is a knife show for a few hours that is open to the public. If you have any knives you 've made that are for sale, bring them along as well.

Most of all, bring a good attitude and be ready to make some friends.

Posted : 04/08/2022 7:43 am
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Thanks for the reply Karl. I am looking forward to this very much!



Posted : 06/08/2022 2:33 pm