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Good luck to all testing at Blade!!

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Thaddeus Stager
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I just wanted to say good luck to all that are testing at Blade this year!

Over the last few months, Ive had many Apprentice Smiths reach out to me asking questions and showing their work and let me tell you, there is some outstanding smiths coming to the table this year!

I was told a number of around 50 people testing for JS!!! 

I will not be making it this year so please show some photos of your work and good luck!!


Posted : 24/05/2022 3:56 pm
Casey Brown reacted
Karl B Andersen
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Just because of the number of applicants, I do think I'm going to avoid the whole thing. It might be chaos. One less person might help.

Last year's attendance was off the hook. I'm an acquaintance of the show owner/promoter - Henry Wu - and he said last year he had something like 14,000 show programs printed up to be handed out to attendees. They were all gone on Saturday.

I'm interested to see how things are this year. There are some changes.

Posted : 26/05/2022 7:38 am