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Student Disclaimer

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Dean Pavia
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Keeping with the task of sharing our trade, I have been visited by more and more students who want to learn how to forge. I do not charge a fee and even supply the materials as it is rewarding to see young and old experience forging for their first time.

However, my accountant recently told me that I should have them sign disclaimers in case of injury. Does anyone else do this? Is there somewhere where I can get a "cookie cutter" disclaimer? Does ABS provide anything like this. I know a lawyer can write one up for a fee I'm sure.

Thank you in advance for your advice.


Posted : 24/11/2020 11:48 am
Gerald Boggs
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You might check at an office supply store, they have a variety of legal paperwork. That said, years ago, when I was opening a martial arts school, I went to an attorney to have a disclaimer/waiver written up. He was happy to do so, but also told me that the paper had more value then the words written on it. Can't say about the rest of the US, but according to him, Virginia courts don't generally recognize them. However, he said I should still have them sign one, because then I had proof I had made them aware of the dangers.

You might talk with an attorney about the benefits of becoming an LLC.

Posted : 24/11/2020 12:59 pm
Matthew Parkinson
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I use a waver, i also know it means almost nothing, so I charge and carry insurance that specifically covers students.


Posted : 24/11/2020 6:53 pm
Dean Pavia
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Thank you both! Time to talk to my attorney and insurance agent I guess.

Posted : 25/11/2020 11:59 am
ABS Webmaster
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I know this may be a little late to reply, but you might check with any of the Hammer In Directors, as they always require participants to sign a waiver/disclaimer when they check in for the weekend. I know Cindy and Butch Sheely have one they use at the Mid American Hammer In.


Posted : 28/11/2020 3:58 pm
Dean Pavia
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Thank you Deb!

Posted : 01/12/2020 12:17 pm
Steve Seib
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Dean, when looking at liability insurance, our antique club found the rate was lower to carry insurance the whole year rather than three specific days of our show. When you get it priced, have them look at both ways, unless you can add it onto your home-owners.

Posted : 01/12/2020 12:51 pm
Karl B. Andersen
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I do something like this - you can change to suit your own needs:

I agree to waive all liability for any accident or injury incurred while participating in any activity at ......address........... I further agree to hold no liability against Karl B. Anderson, or any other resident of said property, or any one affiliated with said property, nor will I seek any damages against the property, owners or affiliates located of the afore mentioned address, should any accident or injury occur, whether to my person or my personal property.

By printing and signing my name below, I agree to the stipulations herein.



I release Provider, its employees, contractors, volunteers, directors and owners (“Released Parties”) from any and all claims of injury or loss which I, or the minor child for whom I sign, may suffer, arising out of or in any way related to my, or the child’s enrollment in or participation in the activities of Provider or the use of its equipment, and/either while in attendance or while traveling to or from said location. Neither I, the minor child, nor anyone acting on our behalf, will bring suit or otherwise assert any such claims against a Released Party.

Of course any Waiver of Liability is only as good as the lawyer defending it.

Karl B. Andersen

Journeyman Smith

Posted : 01/12/2020 4:47 pm