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O1 And A2 Uses

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Zach Hescox
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So far I've made about 20 blades, all out of mystery steel (leaf springs and lawnmower blades). They've all hardened well and made usable blades, but I know I don't want to try and make saleable pieces out of mystery junk.

I got lucky enough to be gifted a pallet full of precision ground O1 and A2 flat bar and round stock from an industrial auction last year (by gifted I mean the executor at the auction only charged me $100). I read on one of Mr. Cashen's posts about the triumvirate of edge geometry, steel choice, and heat treat interconnecting to create optimal blades. My question is, what type of blade geometry are O1 or A2 best suited for? I would like to use these materials to attempt some nicer pieces, and I'd like to put them to their best use possible.

I know A2 was originally designed as a cold stamp die tool steel....I think.... so I'm guessing it would perform best in a chisel grind like a Yanagi or maybe Scandi grind chopper or some such?

Or maybe I'm waaay off.

P.S. design wise I like to make all kinds of chef knives and mid-sized fixed blade hunters the most.



Posted : 06/12/2020 11:54 am
Kevin R. Cashen
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Hello Zach,

Both of these steels contain carbide forming elements with deep hardening characteristics, making them natural choices for fine slicing knives like the chef knives and hunters you are envisioning. So I think you are in good shape. What I wouldn't use these steels for is larger knives (over 8") that would be used for chopping or cleaving applications.

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Posted : 06/12/2020 12:06 pm
Zach Hescox
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Perfect! Thanks, Mr. Cashen. I'll try and make a couple chef blades worthy of posting in the gallery lol. We'll see in a couple weeks.

Posted : 06/12/2020 12:19 pm