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Frozen Canadian found a Warm Forge...

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Hi from Alberta, Canada. Really looking forward to this Journey.  I started 2 years ago making my forge and tools.  Took a blacksmith course at the local college and have really enjoyed the craft.  I am a full time IT manager and the time in the shop is perfect for escaping the internet.  I loose myself for hours.  Plus I have found it is a hobby that makes me some extra cash.  I am working out of my garage for now, but am building a shop at our lake lot (3.8 acres) that I hope to move into in 2 years.  So far I have made a total of 9 knives (I know not that many) but have found I am getting a loyal following of clients.  I now have commissioned work for the next 3 months.  Something I never thought would happen.  I am finding that come September, everyone wants hunting knives and for some reason a 10" bowie.

Ive started stabilizing my own wood and making sheaths so people get a complete package from me.

My work can be seen at  

This was the 3rd knife I made, by hand hammering a 104 layers of damascus.  


Bob Bryenton
Solar Storm Group Ltd.
Phone: (780) 953-0016
Email: [email protected]

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible" -- Arthur C. Clarke

Posted : 18/10/2022 9:37 am
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Welcome! Looking forward to see your work!

Posted : 06/11/2022 12:50 pm