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Time to say G'day

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Francois Mazieres
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Hi there, 


My first name is Francois but most call me Frank in Australia.

My Makers mark is my Family name "MAZIERES" despite the fact that our craft company is called "Yandiwa".


My partner and I used to drive 2000kms every 3 months from Ayers Rock to Western Australia in order to spend time with Bruce Barnett in Bridgetown.

I have been enjoying several years now as an apprentice smith in Australia.

I believe that after all those few years a lot of learning and bottles of Shiraz had been shared with Bruce and Keith Fludder!!

Last year, Bruce convinced my partner Annieka and I to start participating in most of the Australian Shows but also to start thinking about potential JS testing.

This year we decided to finally go to the US to successfully achieve the JS judging after test blade performing in Melbourne with Shawn McIntyre in May 2022.

Being in the US right now and starting a course tomorrow with John Doyle in Michigan, I found some time to finally introduce myself to you via the forum whilst apologizing for its late arrival !!


Below are a few leather sheaths made by my partner Annieka and their associated knives realized by myself from 2021 to 2023.


Wishing to meet more ABS members in the US, Europe or Australia when Shows, Symposium and conference permit!


Posted : 05/06/2023 5:38 pm