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WTB used tools

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Good morning from St. Louis. Looking to buy some used tools, this forum doesn't really have any new post with things for sale, thought I'd make one.

I've been making stock removal style knives for about 8 months with a 2x48 and an angle grinder. Wanting to start forging and step up the process.

Looking to buy a few tools in the next couple months, they don't need to be new just need to be able to work.

-2x72 belt grinder, 3hp motor and vfd would be nice
-Anvil, 100lbs or less with horn and a hardie hole

Let me know if you've got anything you'd like to sell or have a better place to look. I've been all over the internet.

Feel free to text or email;

Thank you,
Dylan Lee

Posted : 13/02/2022 12:45 pm