Joseph G Cordova

Joseph G Cordova

Biographical Info I am a full time maker. I make knives using both forged and stock removal methods. My first knife was made in 1953. I am a former board member and past chairman of the American Bladesmith Society. I make one of kind designs, some to customer specifications. I have studied with Bill Moran and Bob Loveless and do make some Moran styles as well as Loveless style hunters. For my forged blades I use 5160, L6, 1095, 15N20 Damascus. I use ATS-34, CPM154 & S30VTEC for my stock removal styles.
My trademark is "Cordova made"

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Level Master Bladesmith

Year Awarded MS 1993


Address 1450 Lillie Dr
Bosque Farms
United States

Phone Number (505) 453-4445

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