Master Smith Tim Hancock demonstrates his techniques for building and fitting handles and guards. This video has many useful techniques such as fitting the guard to the blade and many more tips and expert advice for the proper shaping and fit of the guard, spacer, butt cap, handle, and finial.

The DVD contains the following chapters:

1. Introduction, Blade Geometry, and “Guard Stripper”
2. Squaring the Blade Shoulder for Handle Fittings
3. Fitting Guard to Blade
4. Installing a Spacer
5. A Mirror Perfect Alignment
6. Installing the Handle
7. Spacer/Handle Fitting and Epoxy Placement
8. Butt Cap/Finial Preparation  and Tang Brazing
9. Butt Cap/Handle Alignment
10. Shaping the Handle Assembly
11. Butt Cap/ Finial Fit and Handle Completion Methods
12. Shaping the Guard

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