ABS Master Smith Kevin Cashen who is a highly regarded authority within the ABS on metallurgy lectures on the principles of heat treating a knife. During the demonstrations Kevin Cashen takes you through all of the steps and uses the tools needed to heat treat a knife. This DVD was filmed during the Mid America Bladesmithing Exposition held in Troy, Ohio which was sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc and hosted by the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil.

This DVD contains the following Chapters:

1)   Discussing “Quenching Fluids”
2)   Forged Blade Heat Treating (HT)
3)   Hamon HT Line & Clay Technique
4)   Shrouded Coal Forge HT Technique
5)   “Snap” Temper & Blade Elasticity
6)   “Second” 1095 HT & Normalizing Blades
7)   Metallurgy Concepts “Chalk Talk”
8)   Tempering HOW & WHY; and Questions

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