oops!  Time got away from you and your membership lapsed. Unfortunately, to process late membership payments and reinstating your membership as a renewal, with your original join date rather than a brand new membership, the ABS charges a fee of $20 per year.  Here is where you can settle up on those fees and get your membership back in order, if you have more than one year of lapsed membership or other special circumstances. Please note that this separate payment option is only for those who have special circumstances that require paying late fees not automatically added to your expired renewal.  If you just need to renew a recently expired membership you should see this fee automatically added on your membership renewal page, making your renewal $80.  

Important: Apprentice Smiths working towards the time requirements to present knives to be judged for Journeyman Rank, or Journeyman working towards time requirements to present knives to be judged for Master Rank, are required to pay a late fee to maintain their join date.