Haywood Community College Class Schedule- 2023

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2023 Schedule of ABS classes.

in cooperation with:
The American Bladesmith Society, Inc.
Classes conducted at:
Haywood Community College
185 Freedlander Drive, Clyde, NC 28721


ABS Introduction to Bladesmithing

(August and September Classes)

Instructor: ABS Certified Master Bladesmith

Location: Walnut Building, 3327 & 3337

Tuition: $1381.25

This class is for beginning knifemakers, students will be introduced to the concepts and techniques needed to make a knife. Students are taught metal selection, blade function and different blade design will be discussed. Hand forging to shape, normalizing, heat treating, grinding and tempering will all be taught. These semi-finished blades will be tested for their cutting ability, edge holding, hardness and flexibility. Students should be able to make a blade which will pass the equivalent of a Journeyman Smith Performance Test. Successful completion of this course will reduce the required three (3) year waiting period as an ABS Journeyman Smith judging in two years. This is a two-week long class and will be taught by an ABS Certified Master Bladesmith.

Course Code:  CSP 4000 24863:40528                         Date:  8/7/23 – 8/18/23                      Class Times: 8:15 AM – 5:15 PM

Registration Deadline: 6/10/23

Course Code:  CSP 4000 24865: 40533                        Date:  9/25/23 – 10/6/23                    Class Times: 8:15AM – 5:15PM

Registration Deadline: 08/21/23

ABS Handles and Guards

(June 2023)

Instructor: ABS Certified Master Bladesmith

Location: Walnut Building, 3327&3337 Tuition: $723.25

This class is designed to continue the course of study set forth in the ABS Introduction to Bladesmithing course. This class includes detailed information on creating handles, both full tang and hidden tang, guards, butt caps, decorative file work, spiral dagger handles, handle material choices, guard material choices, pin stock, adhesives and overall finish. Students will be instructed on how to finish off a professional looking knife. Participants are expected to possess the skill and knowledge to forge, grind and heat treat blades prior to this class. A limited amount and type of materials will be provided, students are welcome to furnish and bring their own handle and guard material. It is required that students enrolling in this workshop provide their own, finished blades ready to be completed. This is a week-long class and will be taught by an ABS Certified Master Bladesmith.

Course Code:  CSP 4000 24864: 40529                         Date:  6/5/23 – 6/9/23                          Class Times: 8AM – 5PM

Registration and Payment Deadline: 5/8/23 


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Great Smoky Mountain Hammer-In

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No Great Smokey Hammer In has been scheduled for 2024, watch for updates.

Offered by the American Bladesmith Society
Hosted by Haywood Community College
On the campus of Haywood Community College – 185 Freelander Drive, Clyde, NC

The Great Smoky Mountain Hammer In at Haywood Community College is sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society (ABS). The Hammer In brings Master Bladesmiths, forging enthusiasts, and knife collectors from across the United States to demonstrate their skills and to learn the art and science of hand forged knife making. Master Bladesmiths will give demonstrations and hold classes on a number of topics ranging from coal and gas forging to fabrication of handles and guards and engraving.

Participants are encouraged to pre-register for the event, but they may also register at the door on the day of the event. The public is invited to participate and experience knife making in the time-honored tradition of the American Bladesmith Society.

Saturday Knife Show- Tables are free to paid attendees

Knife Vendor Sales- Tables are free to paid attendees.

Tail Gate Sales- Paid attendees are welcome to sell knife making equipment and supplies during the weekend.

Registration form

Location: Haywood Community College Accommodations
185 Freelander Drive
Clyde, North Carolina

For more event information Contact:
Aubree Ross
Coordinator of Creative Arts
Haywood Community College
185 Freedlander Drive
Clyde, NC 28721
(828) 565-4152
Email [email protected]

To register and pay online for the hammer-in- $75, go to the ABS Store AND GO TO EVENT REGISTRATION or just click the link right here! – Registration
For the ABS office, contact Cindy Sheely, ABS Office Manager at [email protected] or (419) 832-0400

Use this link to check for current class availability