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Kilroy’s Workshop Classes in Colorado Springs

February 28th, 2023|0 Comments

What an amazing year of classes at Kilroy’s Workshop in 2022. More than 4,000 students took at least one class throughout the year. Our 11,000 square foot campus is comprised of three buildings where we have everything from coal forges to natural gas, three power hammers, multiple presses ranging from 12-ton to 100-ton, welders, plasma cutters, 28 anvils, mills, lathes, plasma tables, torches, heat treat ovens, and more!

While all of that equipment is great to have at your disposal, it really all starts with you. Our classes focus on teaching YOU the skills to become the best at your craft. Hand skills, not just power tools. Metallurgy skills that you will take and use for life. Proper forging and heat treat skills that will serve you no matter where your shop is or the tools you have in them.

In addition to our amazing and talented staff, we bring in guest instructors like James Rodebaugh, Kevin Cashen, Steve Schwarzer, Harvey Dean, JW Randall, Jason Knight, Shayne Carter, Will Stelter, David DeleGardelle, Mark Aspery, John Williams, and more.

You’ll have a blast at Kilroy’s Workshop, making cool projects as part of our class, and once trained you can make your own creations!!

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