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The American Bladesmith Society is a non-profit educational organization that both sponsors and endorses Hammer-Ins in the United States, and other countries,  each year.  A “Hammer In” is a seminar dedicated to all things dealing with the forged blade.  An ABS Hammer In is a two to three day event where anybody interested in the forged blade can attend demonstrations and talks on a number of bladesmithing topics, from basic to advanced. Anybody can signup to attend and get invaluable information from professional bladesmiths that are the tops in their field.  A Hammer In is a great starting point for anybody wanting to learn the craft but may not be ready for a full ABS Bladesmithing Course.  Below you will find information about upcoming Hammer Ins near you.

Spring Piney Woods Hammer In, Texarkana, TX

Texarkana School of Bladesmithing

New England Bladesmith Symposium, Auburn, ME

Mid-America Bladesmith Symposium, Troy, OH

Great Smokey Mountain Hammer In, Clyde, NC

Fall Piney Woods Hammer In, Texarkana, TX

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