Suppliers – Tools and Materials

Admiral Steel
Alpha Knife
Anyang US Power Hammer
Bader Grinding Equipment
Beaumont Metal Works
Blacksmiths Depot (Kayne & Son)
Blue Lightning Stencils (Ernie Grospitch)
Boone Trading Co.
Chile Forge (David and Stacy Starr)
Dunlap Woodcrafts
Hawkins Knife Making Supplies
Herman Oak Leather
Iron Dungeon Forge
Jantz Supply
K&G Knife and Gun Finishing Supplies
Mark Knapp Custom Handle Material
Knifemaking Supplies – UAI Agency
Little Giant Hammers (Sid Suedmeier)
Maritime Knife Supply
Mother of Pearl (Culpepper & Co.)
MSC Industrial Supply, Co.
New Jersey Steel Baron (Aldo Bruno)
Panhandle Leather
Paragon Kilns
Pieh Tool Company
Pop’s Knife Supplies
Red Label Abrasives
Riverside Machine (Uncle Al)
Rio Grande
Rowe’s Leather
Sonora Ironwood
Swains Springs
Texas Knifemakers Supply
TruGrit Abrasives and Machines
USA Knife Maker
Vess Leather Works
VisiMark Steel Hand Stamps