Aubrey G Barnes Sr

Aubrey G Barnes Sr

Biographical Info I was a friend, neighbor, and student of Bill Moran for 45 years and he provided the inspiration for me to become a knife maker. I worked for AT&T Communications for 31 years. My part time knife making began about 1982 as a hobby and continued until my retirement in 1991. Along the way I was able to attend the first class at the ABS School of Bladesmithing in 1988 that was taught by Bill Moran and Jerry Fisk.   In 1992 I became a full time knife maker. My work consists of fixed blades, hunters, camp knives, bowies, and fighters, all with the Moran influence. My knives are embellished with silver wire inlay. I have been a regular at the Blade Show in Atlanta since 1993 and will continue until my anvil rings for the last time. My work has been published in Knife World, Blade Magazine, Knives Illustrated, Knives Annual, the cover of Knives ’97, The Wonder of the Blade, Art of the Knife, and magazines in France and Brazil. 

Email Address [email protected]

Level Master Bladesmith/ABS Instructor (5yr)

Year Awarded MS 1995


Phone Number (301) 223-4587

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