Doug Noren

Doug Noren

Biographical Info Doug grew up around machines and foundry equipment, forges and metal because his family owned a Pattern and foundry business. He has always been interested in history and has been involved in every aspect of it. From making fine furniture, hand carvings, harness making, building cast iron wood stoves, post and beam construction buildings to restoring antique cars- he has done it all. He had a pioneer blacksmith shop and started making knives, with his scouts, when he was a scoutmaster in the nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties. He used old files and every scout ended up with a knife. One of the reasons he really enjoys making knives is because it combines all kinds of mediums. As well as steel, he uses, wood, ivory, bronze, leather, copper, nickel silver, sterling silver, and even stone in his knives. However, the people he has met in the knife world has been the driving force. He loves the camaraderie and feeling of meeting Family each time he goes to a show or ABS Hammer in. Everyone seems so friendly and we really try to help each other. Doug grew up in the same little town in Michigan that William Scagel lived in and remembers him and has always been interested in his knives. Besides being influenced by Scagel and making his replicas, he loves the challenge of making large English bowies like those made in Sheffield, England by Joseph Rogers. Doug has been married to Gwen for 43 years; they have 4 children and 7 Grandchildren. All of the children are interested in his knife making and his son, Matthew, has made several knives himself. Doug says in knife making everyday is a new challenge and a learning opportunity.

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