Ed Caffrey

Ed Caffrey

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Full time Bladesmith, offering forged cutlery, from User grade to Investment/Presentation grade pieces.  Hunters, Bowies, Fighters, Camp knives, Tomahawks, and Folders.  Prefers natural handle materials.  Offers carving, texturing, and engraving.  Also offers one-on-one Bladesmithing/Knifemaking classes.  Hosts an internet forum, and a weekly knife chat room at the above listed URLs.

Email Address Caffreyknives@gmail.com

Level Master Bladesmith (1yr)

Year Awarded MS 2000

Website http://www.caffreyknives.net

Business Name "The Montana Bladesmith"

Address 2608 Central Ave W
Great Falls
United States

Phone Number (406) 727-9102

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