Gary D Anderson

Gary D Anderson

Biographical Info I believe a knife is one of the most personal items anyone can own. History confirms this, evidenced in the burial mounds of Viking warriors and the tombs of kings. Blades have enshrined the names of their masters, faming them forever. The Bowie is probably the most famous example of this phenomenon.A hand forged knife which incorporates old world proven practice with new millennium technology holds an aura of beauty. When custom designed for an individual it becomes a part of history, to be treasured by the present owner, passed on as an heirloom to those of utmost importance, and held in awe and mystique by generations yet born.Each edged artwork I produce is one of a kind. I work from no set patterns, believing instead in the crafting of each piece by hand. Sole authorship is of greatest importance for all of the related components. By performing all of the steps myself I am able to control quality while offering a product I feel is far superior to the “run of the mill " tools that are marketed. The ownership of a knife of this caliber is an investment in the art and passion of quality workmanship.Many options are available. I work in carbon, Damascus, and stainless steels. Inlay in precious metals and gems are available, as well as engraving, scrimshaw, file work, and other embellishments.I hold a Mastersmith rating in the American Bladesmith Society, and I am on the board of directors of the Appalachian Knifemakers Guild.Please contact me for more information on custom designing your knife, or to acquire any blades I may have in stock.Thank you for your interest in the knives I produce.

Email Address [email protected]

Level Master Bladesmith

Year Awarded MS 1991

Business Name GAND Knives

Address 2816 Reservoir Rd
Spring Grove
United States

Phone Number (717) 521-4671

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