John Smith

John Smith

Biographical Info My work and study as a Damascus steel bladesmith has taken me on an odyssey that has put me in intimate contact with many diverse craft and science disciplines. These include design, small and fine metal skills, smithing, material science and metallurgy. For me, the major appeal of this material is the opportunity to make the very steel itself a vibrant and expressive medium that stands on its own aesthetic merits. I use concepts that are both ancient and contemporary to craft the patterns in steel you see exhibited here. The utmost in discipline and patience is required to produce the highest quality pattern welded steel. No compromises in production techniques can be made at any time, as the beauty of the result largely resides in its perfection. Please enjoy these, some of the best examples of my work. An often asked question is whether or not I craft all aspects of the work you see here. The answer of course is yes. If I personally cannot do a thing, it does not go on the piece; it is as simple as that. This naturally affords me an opportunity to master a great many skills, and that ultimately is the fun of it all. J.D. Smith

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Level Master Bladesmith/ABS Instructor


Phone Number (857) 492-5324

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