Larry D Fuegen-Retired

Larry D Fuegen-Retired

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I've been forging blades since 1975 and have always believed strongly in sole authorship of all the knives I offer. I've been a full time maker since 1987 and a Master Smith since 1989. I offer classic folders, daggers, Bowies, hunters and push daggers. All blades are forged carbon steel or my own Damascus steel. I offer natural handle materials that include burl woods, fossil ivories, mother-of-pearl and stag. My knives are embellished with my own carving, engraving and file work. Each fixed blade knife comes with a custom hand made sheath that can be tooled, carved or overlayed with exotic leather. I also offer collections that include a classic Bowie knife and sheath with a matching set of hand forged Western spurs displayed on a custom presentation base. Each knife is marked with my LF connected stamp or with FUEGEN engraved.

Email Address [email protected]

Level Master Bladesmith (5yr)

Year Awarded MS 1989

Address 617 N Coulter Circle
United States

Phone Number (928) 776-8777

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