Sava Damlovac

Sava Damlovac

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I make knives the old-fashion way, by hand! All my knives are one of a kind, designed and made by myself using files and sandpapers. Most of my work are investment quality fantasy, oriental, renaissance knives and daggers, made out of damascus steel with exotic fossilized ivory handles. I heat treat all my knives right in the shop, and use my very own forged damascus steel!

Some of my masterpieces are made with fossilized ivory handles that I've carved myself. Most of them have fitted rare wood boxes specially made for that knife, or a unique stand. I like to use natural materials for handles, but fossilized ivory's are my first choice for fine knives!

I also make working, hunting, fighting, and boot knives using 52100, 440-C, and ATS-34 steel. These come with custom fitted leather sheaths in any style desired, all made by hand!

Sava Damlovac, MS
ABS Master Smith

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Level Master Bladesmith (1yr)

Year Awarded MS 2003


Business Name Sava Knives

Address 10292 Bradbury Dr
United States

Phone Number (317) 839-4952

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