ABS Mastersmith Jay Hendrickson lectures and demonstrates the art of fine silver wire inlay in the handle of a knife. Jay Hendrickson takes you step by step through each technique in the process. This DVD was filmed during the First New England Hammer In held at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine and sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society.

This DVD contains the following Chapters:

1. Introduction and handout “The Art of Silver Wire Inlay”
2. Inlay materials and wire size
3. Woods used for silver wire inlay
4. Inletting chisels and other inlay tools
5. Considerations for forming patterns
6. Sketching the inlay pattern
7. Inletting wood for silver wire inlay
8. Wood finishing
9. Inlaying silver wire
10. Techniques for intersecting scrolls
11. Completing inlay project block
12. Slide presentation of four (4) silver wire inlay knives

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