This is a three (3) DVD set of ABS Master Smith Jason Knight demonstrating the making and forging of Mosaic Damascus steel at the New England Hammer In held at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine. Jason Knight explains the process of making Mosaic Damascus in detail and demonstrates the steps.

DVD #1 of 3 is entitled “Mosaic Damascus: Basic Billet” and contains these Chapters:

1) Mosaic Damascus Introduction
2) Billet Configuration & Forging Manipulation
3) Rotate & Distort Billet Configuration
4) W-Pattern Billet Transformation
5) Dividing Equal Part Billets & Forging
6) Cut Six Billets, Etch, Stack & Forge
7) Reorient & Distort Billet’s Configuration
8) Mosaic Techniques & Forging Basic Billet

DVD #2 of 3 is entitled “Mosaic Damascus: 4-Way Mosaic” and contains these Chapters:

1) 4-Way Mosaic Introduction
2) Process for 4-Way Mosaic Billet
3) Billets Etched, Ground & Dry Welding
4) Discussion of Mosaic Damascus for Blades
5) Dry Welded Billet and Its Forging
6) Power Hammer & Pressing Billet
7) Grinding Out “Dry Weld” Remnants
8) Sectioning 4-Way Billet & Etching

DVD #3 of 3 is entitled “Mosaic Damascus: Blade Forging” and contains these Chapters:

1) Mosaic “Dry Weld” Blade Billet
2) Transforming Dry Weld to Blade Billet
3) Damascus Blade Patterns Discussion
4) Cut-off and Reorient Blade Billet
5) Blade Shape Decision
6) “Upset Billet” and Draw to Length
7) Original Billet’s Damascus Pattern
8) Straightening & Completing Blade Forging

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