Russell Roosevelt and Butch Sheely collaborated on a Damascus Pipe Tomahawk and auctioned it at the
2021 Mid America. These two specific scholarships are a onetime only and is the Roosevelt / Sheely
Tomahawk scholarship. We raised enough for 2 scholarships at up to $900 each. The money may only
be used for the class cost if the class cost is less than $900 the excess money will go into the education
fund for scholarships in the future. One scholarship will be given at the 2023 ABS Mid America Event
and the other at the Mid America event in 2024.

Who is eligible?
Any ABS Apprentice, Journeyman or Master over the age of 18 and a member in good
standing and have paid registration for the 2023 Mid American Hammer-in.
Those interested will put their name in at the registration table and you must state you
will use the scholarship within 4 years (by August of 2027) or it will go out for
application again. There will then be a drawing from the applications.
This first scholarship winner will be announced at the 2023 Mid America Auction on
Saturday August 26, 2023.

What classes are allowed?
For Apprentice we currently only have 2 approved ABS courses (Introduction to
Bladesmithing and Handles and Guards). For JS and MS more advanced courses would
have to be worked out with the individual schools to determine availability and
approved by the board scholarship committee.
If someone wins the scholarship or is awarded the scholarship, that individual is
required to get approval for the class they want from the board scholarship committee,
before taking any class.

When we will pay the funds:
Payment of scholarship funds will only be made when the approved class is completed,
and proof of completion is received.