If you have earned you rating as a Journeyman Bladesmith remember to keep your dues to the American Bladesmith Society current.  Your Journeyman Bladesmith rating means that the ABS vouches for you as a member that can make a very high quality knife, we can only do this so long as you are indeed a member.  If you are planning on advancing to the level of Master Bladesmith, this requires that you are a practicing Journeyman Bladesmith member of the ABS for a minimum of two years.  We can only apply time that you were actually a member of the society so don’t let that membership lapse.

If you are preparing for the big test, don’t forget to notify the ABS home office of your intentions to have your knives judged at least 30 days beforehand.  Also don’t forget to have all your paperwork ready to sign for the Master Bladesmith administering your performance test.