If you are one of our Youth Members, although it may be a little while for you to begin your Apprenticeship, the ABS still has plenty of opportunities to offer in your preparation and education. Don’t forget to take advantage of the ABS University Library under the “Member Resources- Bladesmithing Information” tab. It has a wealth of advanced topics that is above and beyond the information that non-members have access to. Also don’t forget that you are a welcome and valued member of our ABS Forum, where you have posting privileges equal to Journeyman and Master Bladesmiths who look forward to hearing your perspective.

At any ABS event there will often be Green Coal opportunities where you can try your hand at blade forging, or show the skills you have already developed. Also, as a member the ABS, you have access to our Collectors Corner showplace where, with the help of an adult, you can show any pieces you have completed for sale to the public.