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The Forged Blade

The Forged Blade
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Apprentice Corner

A place to post questions by those new to forging and bladesmithing.

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Apprentice Pictures

Michael Bell

Forging Techniques

This is a Forum to discuss forging methods and techniques.

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Keeping core steel s...

John Keating

Pattern Welded Blade Basics

Basic discussion of techniques in making pattern welded "damascus" steel blades.

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Uneven etch

Craig Cook

Blade Grinding, Finishing and Sharpening

Discussion of Grinding Techniques, Abrasives, Grinders, Sharpening and Blade Finishing.

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Knife Sharpening - T...

Joshua C States

Heat Treating 101

Discussion and questions about heat treating.

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Paragon Caldera conv...

Corey Bryson