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Tooling Up For HT

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I have an Apollo Forge kit en route and on the fence with buying a factory oven or building one. I am planning to have feedback to control temperature on the forge. I can do an oven with a similar temp loop.

I got more grinder for my dollar when I built it.

I got more machine for my money when I rebuilt it.

I have seen a KinJin vertical kiln that was reasonably priced. I also would like to do batches of 5, 10, 15 maybe pieces to pay for running the Watt Hr hogs.

Knives that I want to make will have engraving and checkering and any other fairy dust that I can learn. I have seen blades made by MS that have made me weep with joy. Most blades I see are beyond my skill and I understand how it was done. I have seen several that are the most beautiful and I have no clue how those details may have been done. I want to chase that perfection until I pass from this earth.

I will most likely have to spend lots of time producing pieces that are more simple; I need to do batches to pay the power bill. I like pocket fixed blades and can profile and grind them out fast enough to bottleneck everything. I want to do folders more than anything. I have not attempted any to date. I presume that will inherintly require significantly more time.

I want to cry once. I hope to learn from the experience other smiths have gained. I do not want two of any of these tools!!!!  LOL!!!

Posted : 21/03/2023 10:54 am