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26c3 steel question

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Does anybody have experience with 26c3? I'm wanting to try to make a chef knife with a hamon and was wondering if it will take. I've heard some steels will not achieve a hamon very well and it will look weird or kinda muddy. Will this steel produce a good hamon? I know heat treat plays a big factor in it. Just curious about this.

Posted : 04/04/2024 1:53 am
Karl B Andersen
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The composition of 26C3 is similar to Hitachi White steel. The steel is very clean with few alloying elements. The high carbon content helps the steel get very hard. The first knife we made tested just under HRC 68. This alloy is an excellent choice for knifemakers who want to make knives with a hamon.


That quote is from Alpha Knife Supply

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Posted : 04/04/2024 8:35 am
Kevin Stinson
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This is 26C3. I made it as a test piece to see how I liked the steal 3 years ago. I overheated some sections, and as I let it sit in my forge instead of moving it in and out of the heat (sweat drop emoji). but I did polish up one side (3 years ago, my skill has gotten better) to see how the hamon took, and this is low grit and without ashi, but it takes a fantastic hamon.

Posted : 04/04/2024 5:54 pm
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Did you use a clay on that or something else to get the hamon?

Posted : 04/04/2024 6:26 pm