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Hybrid-Introduction to Bladesmithing

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I have been looking for clarification but not able to find it so far. There is a "Hybrid-Introduction to Bladesmithing" course available that is a week "in person" long and computer course that has to be completed prior to that. My question is, Since it is "Hybrid", does ABS recognize that to reduce the required time before the journeyman test? It cost more but factoring in time off work and lodging cost, might be a better option. Thank for the information.  

Posted : 23/02/2024 6:53 pm
Kevin R. Cashen
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Hello Toby, 

I am sorry your question is awaiting an answer, I have been distracted for the last week with no water in my home and a brand new pond surrounding my well 😣 .  As far as I know, the hybrid class will still count towards your time in testing.  I personally would strongly encourage the full course for your growth as a knifemaker, as the true hands-on time is irreplaceable, but I do understand the time convenience.   

Posted : 26/02/2024 10:44 am