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whats the best way to Polish the bevel Ricasso area?

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Kevin Stinson
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Working on my polishing and am wondering what the best way to get this area polished is. i currently use a block of micarta with leather glued to it, then I alternate tip to the tang, then edge to spine. i like to finish tip to tang as i noticed this direction brings out hamon best. 

Posted : 07/11/2022 1:54 pm
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Kevin R. Cashen
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One word- Cratex.  This is known as the grind plunge and if you can get it up to around 400X grit on the belt you can use a Cratex drum tip, around 1/4" diameter or so and shape it into a bullet point and then run it up and down that plunge radius until all the Cratex lines are going lengthwise to the blade.  Then all you will have to do is blend in the lines when you put your final hand finish on.  Of course, you will need a good variable speed Demmel or, better yet, a Foredom flex shaft to use the Cratex tip.    

Posted : 07/11/2022 2:17 pm
Joshua C States
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What Kevin said. I have always used the cratex wheels and polished that spot. I tend to make very square plunges though, when most people make them radiused. 

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Posted : 13/11/2022 10:51 am
Kevin Stinson
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i will have to look into another style of heads for my Dremel. they make some polishing heads for them that i have used in the past, i will have to see what they are made from and grit rating.

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Posted : 28/11/2022 1:08 pm