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People trying to Prey on our members

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Ed Caffrey
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Morning Everyone!

  I recently responded to an email from an individual claiming to be "15 years old" and wanting to be a Bladesmith.  The email stated that the individual had acquired my contact information "from the ABS Website".  I responded with "I'm always happy to help with answering questions and offering advice". 

  This morning I received an email from the same person, asking me if I would "donate" to a "Go Fund Me" account so he could buy Blacksmithing tools, with a goal of $25,000!

  OK, I know I'm an old codger, but it really boils me blood when I have people asking me for help/to pay their way, who are unwilling to help themselves, and want others to hand it to them on a silver platter. 

  I suspect I'm not the only one who got an email, but just want everyone to be aware.   I honestly do not believe it is a 15 year old kid....but rather an adult, posing as a kid, in order to pull on "heart strings" and get your money.  Keep your eyes open. 😉


  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ed Caffrey, ABS MS

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Posted : 17/12/2022 9:21 am
Kevin R. Cashen
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Thanks for the heads up Ed.  It sounds more like a very gauche attempt to raise money by somebody of a generation that sees nothing off about this sort of thing. 

Karen tells me all the time about people, on Facebook and other social media that she participates in, asking for money or food because money is too tight for their family right now... They are asking this on the internet...  so they obviously have the money for the phone or tablet or computer, the data package/cell service or ISP bill etc...  But they don't have money to feed their family???  I don't care how addicted you are to your internet it is not a necessity despite what too many these days think.  Food is a necessity, and saner generations would have given up every luxury they had to do the right thing and feed their families before asking others to cover their responsibilities.   I will help anybody who is really down on their luck but my sympathy has limits when people get their priorities this confused.  To many this will come off as the cold rantings of an old guy but, yes, I do remember a world without smart phones and Facebook and it really was just as awesome as this one.   

Posted : 17/12/2022 11:44 am
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It seems like I've received a lot of requests to donate to "Go Fund Me" accounts over the past few weeks from folks that I don't even know.  The request to help fund blacksmithing tools is crazy and something I can't comprehend.  Thanks for the heads up.

Posted : 17/12/2022 2:16 pm
Karl B Andersen
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You mean this one?

"     Hello Mr. Andersen

My name is Jacob, I am 15 and I am really interested in bladesmithing. I was going through the ABS website and I came across your profile. I want to start bladesmithing and I thought; hey why not get a master bladesmith to help me in my journey? I am always available to talk.
Jacob Anderson "
After my initial response:

Thank you for the information!
I was hoping you might provide me with some starting money. I have a gofundme:
I can’t afford a setup so I’m depending upon donations you don’t have to help but it would be appreciated 
Jacob Anderson"
Then I had a few stronger words and:
I am still at home with my parents I am finishing up schooling and I have a minimum wage job. This gets me through a few basketball games worth and a snack or two. To join abs I need money and I know you have already sacrificed much of your time, so if there is anyway you could sponsor me until I get through the three years required and a bladesmith setup the revenue, I get will immediately go to you and until it pays for what you spent and double that amount.

Again this is optional and only an idea so if the answer is no just let me know and I will drop the topic.
Thanks again 
Jacob Anderson"
We dropped the topic.
Posted : 18/12/2022 8:38 am
Jonathan Caruso
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I received the same email. For everyone’s intel the name was Jacob Anderson, and they claimed, as mentioned, to be 15yo. The individual was inquiring about wanting/needing help and to be my apprentice. I started asking questions and the answers started out as being decently legitimate, with spreadsheets of why they needed $20,000 to become a Bladesmith, even sending social media profiles with pictures. When I started asking further questions the answers became very rude. I hope this allows everyone that is contacted in this manner to see through the bs and ask questions. I hate that people do this cause it makes seasoned Knifemakers very cautious about helping the individuals that really want help, and in some cases makes the “younger” makers feel like the “Older” makers are a**holes.

J. Caruso

Posted : 18/12/2022 11:37 am
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I have a feeling these will stop when they realize how little the average bladesmith really makes LOL

Posted : 24/12/2022 9:41 pm
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Ed Caffrey, Two questions:

1) Was this 15 year old also a Nigerian Prince building a bridge in the desert?

2) Now I'm so interested to know what 15 year old would do if they honestly thought they needed to get started making knives? Lets just say someone else was trying to be genuine, what would cost that much?

Doing some short math here: (Basic Tools) Totals: $650 bucks if you literally had nothing. Probably about $500

- Lumber, and screws to build bench: $200 max

- Electric Drill: $100

- Decent vise: $150

- Hack saw to cut steel: $25 with extra blades

- Bastard File flat and circle: $16

- Steel if you can't get it from junk yard: $100 bucks? maybe?

- Sand paper assortment: $50 bucks

- Handle material: $25 bucks


Upgraded tools: Total - $19,900 ( Just to be clear, I don't even have all this stuff) (Dream shop)

- Great vise: $1500

- Angle Grinder with blades: $250

- Good Belt grinder: $4000

- Belts: $300

- Band Saw: $1000

- Forge and Propane: $1000

- Hammers and Tongs: $200

- Oxy/Acet Torch with Tanks: $2500

- Oven Kiln: $3500

- Quenching Bin and Oil: $150

- Welder and Tank: $5000

- Bunch of good Steel: $1000

- Handle and Pin Material $500

I guess all and all, throw in a forge press and some other material then I guess that this kid could be asking for the dream shop most of us don't even have ourselves. That seems to be quite the ask. 

Respectfully and Godspeed,

Michael Samdahl
Montana Man Forge

Posted : 03/04/2023 11:25 am